Random shape/body study (?)

I was bored and feeling not-so-well i don't understand a lot about anatomy, I'd like to learn more. I want to develop my artstyle more too because i want to make a web comic. I even have some ideas for the story.

Hair studies

Recently I've realized that I'm not so good at drawing hair, so i decided to do some hair studies. Annnd they ended up being some face studies too... Straight hair Short and straight hair Wavy hair... Those fucking eyes lol Afro hair. Personal favorite 

Hey hey hey, stay outta my shed!

  Heya, i thought i might make a introductory post here.   I'm Azo. I'm a drawer.   Bad jokes aside, i should explain the purpose of this blog (i doubt anyone will even read this tho)   I'll post my art studies and any other studies here. That's all.   Might post some ideas and thoughts too...   Anyway that's all, hope anyone who's reading this enjoy.